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Sons of Jubal is a male chorus composed primarily of ministers of music who serve in churches of the Georgia Baptist Convention. Their concert program is widely varied in content, provides for congregational participation and features both the Jubal Brass and Jubal Handbells.

When a small group of ministers of music met in 1954 to form a male chorus, some basic guidelines for membership were drawn up, plans were made for a schedule of concerts in the following year and a name was chosen. Inspired by Genesis 4:21, the first group of its kind among state conventions in the Southern Baptist Convention was named "Sons of Jubal". Dr. Paul McCommon, who served as the first Director, Church Music Department of the Georgia Baptist Convention, 1952-1985, met with the founding group and served as its conductor until his retirement. Dr. Warren Fields succeeded Dr. McCommon as conductor in 1986, as he also was Director of the Church Music Department. Dr. Fields retired in 1999. Wade Davis served as director during 2000. Kent Jackson led the group in 2001, while serving as interim Music Specialist of Music Ministries. In February 2002, Dr. Jon Duncan began serving as Music & Worship Specialist (Director of the Department) in Music & Worship Ministries of the Georgia Baptist Convention. A native of Oklahoma, Dr. Duncan previously served the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma for over 10 years. Prior to his tenure at the Oklahoma Convention, he served local churches in Enid and Oklahoma City. He has also served as an adjunct professor at Golden Gate Theological Seminary, San Francisco, California, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, and Philips University in Enid, Oklahoma.

Because Sons of Jubal is primarily a music/missions organization, its members are committed to both worship enrichment and gospel proclamation. As a unit of the state missions program of the Music Ministries Department, Sons of Jubal annually presents a series of concerts in Georgia Baptist churches. Through the Music & Worship Ministries Department, the choir accepts invitations to appear in concert in churches and in other locations. The group has traveled extensively on mission throughout its history not only in Georgia and other parts of the U. S. but also to other countries.

The annual series of church concerts provides the basic support for missions projects. Offerings received at concerts and proceeds from sales of recordings are used entirely for missions trips and other missions projects.

Included among these mission projects are gifts of musical materials and equipment to missions institutions both at home and abroad. Regular involvement in missions has resulted in several concert tours in the states as well as in other countries. The group has appeared in concert also at a number of convention-sponsored events, such as annual meetings, the Evangelism Conference, Church Music Week at Ridgecrest, the Southern Baptist Church Music Conference, and summer conferences, such as the Family Bible Conference. Sons of Jubal met with other state convention groups in Nashville in 1975 when Baptist Hymnal 1975 was introduced. In 1991, the group returned to Nashville to help celebrate the publication of Baptist Hymnal 1991.

Concert tours to other countries have included Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Italy, Israel, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Germany and France. For more than ten years, Sons of Jubal has completed missions projects in conjunction with partnerships formed between the Georgia Baptist Convention and other states and nations. In February of 1992, Sons of Jubal went on a ten-day concert tour in Panama. This tour was taken in response to a request from the Baptist Convention of Panama to assist in the celebration of 100 years of Southern Baptist work in that country. The Baptist Spanish Publishing House of El Paso, Texas, has produced a cassette recording of Sons of Jubal, entitled Los Hijos de Jubal en America Latina (The Sons of Jubal in Latin America).

In the Georgia-Germany Partnership of 1991 through 1996, Sons of Jubal conducted three concert tours as part of its ongoing missions ministry. Two of these tours included Jubalheirs, Georgia Baptist's choir for women in music ministry: one in 1991 and one in 1996. Many other states in the United States have been visited on mission tours over the past forty-five years. Missions projects for 1997 included a concert tour to Alaska and financial assistance in a building program of a Baptist congregation in Nordhausen, Germany.

In August of 1999, the group returned to Alaska for a missions tour. The tour schedule included the annual meeting of the Alaska Baptist Convention, concerts and assistance in launching the Celebrate Jesus 2000 Evangelism Project in Alaska.

The Sons of Jubal went to France in 2001, as part of the France-Georgia Partnership. They were the first group to go as this partnership was established.

In 2004, Sons of Jubal went to Prauge and Moldova as part of the Moldova-Georgia Partnership.